Find UDID iPhone | iPad

How do know UDID Apple iPhone / iPad not use iTunes

Many users of iPhone & iPad ask us for recovery services Apple ID service iCloud, as on a locked device is not possible to see the contents of your mobile device via a simple connection to iTunes. Because with this, we want to provide instructions to determine the UDID Apple devices without access to the service iTunes.

Instructions for determining the UDID iPhone / iPad without connecting to iTunes for PC Windows:
1. Download utility 'iTools' here or from any other source that you trust.
2. Then downloaded a utility installed on your PC.
3. Connect your Apple device to your PC.
4. Click on the icon of the installed program in the window that opens, you will see all the details of your Apple device.
5. You need to find 40 characters consisting of digits and letters, it will UDID of your iPhone / iPad from Apple.
Example UDID: 9bb95ef8afbcd60607151e16b454e7a3e0768365.