How To Place Order?

Engilsh version only. If you don't know English, please use google translate. 

How to place orders & use website: 

  • Register using your valid e-mail, and you will receive link on your e-mail for account activation. If you not receive activation link, please check Spam Box. We recommend to use for registration e-mails from hotmail, yahoo, yandex, etc. If you not received activation link, please message our support. We will activate your account manually.
  • After confirmation, please login to your account and Add Funds using your PayPal or Cryptocurrencies payment gateways.
  • You can add $5 USD and start using our IMEI/SN services. 1 Credit = $1 USD.
  • Go to Place Order page to order IMEI/SN services.
  • PayPal payments are added instantly & automatically, however you are charged a 6% fee of the amount of credits you are adding. PayPal reserves the right to put suspicious payments under review for 24 hours. If this happens, your funds will only be added automatically after 24 hours if PayPal approves.
Please read the service description, price and delivery time.
After you place your order you will need to wait until the order is processed.

You have to know it before place orders:

  • There is no cancellation option for any IMEI/SN orders once they are in process on the website.
  • In some cases, providers can have delays. No cancellation until provider finish or rejects the order.
  • There is no refund for already unlocked devices or if you process with another provider while your IMEI/SN is in process with us.
  • Please make sure you make the right order. Example: Don't submit wrong carrier to any service.
  • Ordering iPhone Carrier unlock will not remove iCloud lock, so check your IMEI before paying for Network unlock.
  • In ~ 0.1% of cases, if your IMEI/SN was subject of insurance fraud or other illegal activities, carrier can relock your iPhone.
  • No refunds in case relock is made.

How to verify orders:

  • If you received wrong Unlock Code, wrong info or iPhone is no unlocked and your IMEI/SN is locked still. Please order GSX Check Report.
  • Why you need to do it? Because checking the order takes fast time and $ in case of carrier/GSX check. It will cost $1.5-2.0 USD (GSX Check Report) or No Refund depending from Providers!
  • After send us by e-mail your GSX Check Report with Title: "Verify". Please describe your problem in maximum 3 days since order was completed. 
  • All claims that exceed this time will not be accepted and verified. 

Refund Policy:

  • If you completed your payment, but your credits were not added on your account, please do not be inclined to open a dispute. Just send us e-mail message with Title:"Plz Add Credits". Note in e-mail your PayPal Transaction ID and your registered e-mail on our website and we will add your payment manually or refund you as you choose.  
  • If you ordered our Network or iCloud Unlock Service (we understand that this is not cheap services) and your order failed or Service down. Please message us on our e-mail with Title:"Refund". And note in e-mail your PayPal Transaction ID and your registered e-mail on our website.
  • All users are allowed for refund. After you can message our support if you need to close your account permanently.

    Anti Fraud Policy:

    • If you open a dispute, we will know if you are genuinely doing it because you are dissatisfied with our services, or if you just want your money back after using our services. The latter is fraud.   
    • We are working with many customers and  know when we are dealing with a scammers. Opening a dispute is your right, however we assure you that we can resolve anything by e-mail. There is no need to threaten us.
    •  If your dispute is non-genuine, we reserve the right to blacklist all your devices associated with your account on the world's largest, GSM database.  All your devices will be relocked and you will get negative feedbacks & requirements of refunds from your customers too. It makes sense that if you are a fraud, then your devices should be too.


    If you agree with our policies & requirements, then you can make next steps.

    Step 1. Registration.
    Please visit our API Website and register:

    Step 2. Login.

    After registration, confirm your account. Plz check your e-mail. If not found, check Spam Box or use other email from other provider. Also you can message us and we will activate your account manually.
    Please visit our API Website and Login:

    Step 3. Add Fund.

    This option is available for authorized users. You can add funds using your confirmed account of PayPal / US Bank or Cryptocurrencies payment gateways. We accept deposits as little as $35 USD.
    Page of Add Credits:

    Step 4. Place Order.

    Please choose needed service and place IMEI/SN order. Read description of service. Enter correct IMEI or Serial Number. Press button "Submit" and wait result on your e-mail. Also you can check result at your Account on page IMEI Order History:

    Step 5. Order Completed Successfully
    When you received result. It mean that your IMEI/SN order is completed.
    It's all!! Enjoy your device and our services!!